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Allgood Stained Glass - Cambridge, UK

Stained Glass Design

Contemporary stained glass window - 'Four Seasons' Harston, Cambridge

Stained glass design for all seasons

Allgood Stained Glass is well versed in the language of stained glass design and also the craftsmanship that underpins it.

This allows us to look beyond a particular design movement or historical period to create stained glass designs that respond to the fabric of the building, as well as it settings and surroundings - and just as importantly, the personality and interests of the client.

It doesn't matter how developed or clear you own vision is, we have a vast amount of experience in turning even the roughest ideas into stunning stained glass windows, doors or panels. Why not get in touch via the form below or our contact section for an informal chat.

Or why not check out examples of our contemporary stained glass designs or traditional stained glass designs.

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